Five ways to save on electricity

Do you get the shakes every time you see that electric bill in your mailbox? Do you cringe when you open it? Especially during the summer, electric bills can become quite a burden – especially for families who love air conditioning, refrigeration, late-night television… need we go on? Ready to downsize that bill? Here are a few simple tricks that save you a few bucks this month:

1. Seal the deal.

Some of that money you’re pouring into your bill could be pouring out of your unsealed home. You can help reduce energy costs by making sure that your home is fully sealed. This means caulking and weather-stripping your home. This simple task can help reduce your bill as much as 25 percent!

2. Bake at night!

You may not want to do anything but veg in front of the TV once the sun goes down, but using heat-generating appliances at night when the air is cooler will give your air conditioner a break from working overtime. Clothes dryers, dishwashers, and ovens can all raise room temperatures, which then trigger the air conditioner to work harder. Use these at night and the cooler air can help you reduce your bill.

3. Get a crock.

We told you those ovens heat up a room and put you’re A/C into overdrive, but they also suck up a lot of juice. Slow cookers, on the other hand, use much less energy and emit less heat, making them a perfect option for preparing hot meals without using up tons of energy.

4. Pull out the clothes line.

Take advantage of that hot, dry summer air and air-dry your clothes. Not only will they dry quickly in the heat, but you’ll also save the energy you were spending running your dryer (and heating up your house).

5. Condition people, not houses!

Why pay for cool air when no one is home? If you have a programmable thermostat, set it! Raise the temperature on your thermostat when the family is out of the house, and turn the temperature back down when everyone gets home. This can save a lot of dough in a month’s time.

How do you beat the bills? Give us your best tips.

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